Invitation to Take Our Podcast Survey

Handshake Media has been in the publishing business since 2008 – blogs, books, and, most recently, mobile applications. We’re excited to expand to publishing podcasts and would welcome your feedback and guidance as we move forward!

If you would please take this quick survey for us, that would be fantastic!

Sarah Beth Jones

A podcast is a way you can tell your story in your voice to reach your
audience and target market. It’s your show. Listeners can hear you anytime, anywhere, on a mobile device or computer.

Many people want to do podcasts. But they don’t have the equipment,
tech savvy, and editing skills to make it happen quickly, even at all.
We do.

Here’s an example of how your podcast might be featured on our
site. You can also embed the podcast on your website or blog. Thank
you, empowerment coach Sarah Beth Jones, for helping us create our first demo!

Note the quality of Sarah Beth’s recording – with an audience present! We have top equipment and Handshake Media’s Laurel Sindewald is a musician and professional soundtrack editor.

If you care to offer suggestions as comments on this post, those would be welcomed.

Thanks for helping us explore how to best meet your needs with our new podcast production services!

With appreciation,

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