Signing Off on Podcast Production Services

At Handshake Media, our vision was to share the voices of our community through our own podcast channel and to help members of the “who can podcast” list below to set up their own podcast channels. We offered podcast production services for about 3 months with no takers, however. We’ve learned from previous ventures that if our labor force is small and our budget minimal, if we don’t have early adopters very early, we won’t be able to sustain a “wait and see” approach.

Who can podcast?

  • Authors of self-published books whose readers want to hear the author’s passion for the subject
  • Busy experts who don’t have enough time to speak with all the people who want to talk with them
  • Motivational and inspirational speakers
  • People who can voice opinions
  • Comedians and funny joke tellers
  • Singers and musicians
  • Poets and short story writers
  • Storytellers, and people who would like to preserve family stories for other family members
  • Political, business, and community leaders

Anyone with a message, in other words, can podcast that message to the world.
Why Would You Podcast?

Zoom-H1 by Handshake Media, Inc.

I have a feeling that local interest in podcast channels may follow a similar pattern to that of blogs. When I started Handshake Media in 2008 and pitched blogs and sharing blog posts through social media, the return on investment of sharing the story of an organization or business – not just descriptions of its products or services – was hard to sell.

Will blogs and social media really be used for marketing? That was the question I was asked in 2008.

Do people really listen to podcasts? Will podcasts be used for marketing? That’s the question we’re being asked in 2016.

We shall see what the answer is.

In the meantime, we’ll need to stop offering podcast production services. We appreciate everyone who met with us and considered our services.

We’d like to, however, offer up our extensive market research and thoughtful business model conception on podcast production services for anyone interested. Perhaps our work can help others move this idea forward in ways we weren’t able to.

Because we think members of our community have voices and ideas the world needs to hear.

Feel free to follow the links below and to study, copy and paste as you would like. Feel free to contact us if we can answer any questions or be of service in any way.

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