What Do You Think? 你怎么想?

This video by Benfang Wang features 想 xiǎng, a meaningful word on our list of universal human concepts.

Benfang Wang’s Mandarin Chinese learning materials include artificial intelligence technology. To access Benfang’s “All about 想 xiǎng” AI materials, register for a free account through Benfang’s Edugo.ai portal. Then follow this link to Benfang’s Edugo.ai materials, log in, and scroll down to Lesson 10.

Please find Benfang Wang on italki, YouTube, and Facebook.

If you are a user of Mandarin Blueprint, the video’s content may be helpful in learning these characters:

Phase 3 Level 13 Character #105 来 lái
Phase 3 Level 13 Character #117: 想 xiǎng
Phase 3 Level 14 Character #131: 起 qǐ
Phase 4 Level 25 Character #359: 出 chū

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