A message from Laoshi

I have helped non-native speakers learn Mandarin Chinese for 13 years.

I offer a variety of Mandarin Chinese classes, including Chinese Lessons for Adults, Chinese Lessons for Kids, Chinese Test
Prep Courses, Medical Chinese Lessons, Chinese Characters and Chinese Culture.

Whether you’re a beginner, have a foundation in Chinese, or something completely different, I can fully tailor-make Chinese lessons for you. I can help you meet your goals in Mandarin Chinese in an efficient way. I can assure that what we teach is what you need!

Every new customer gets a free trial lesson before enrolling in a course. The lesson is completely free and there is no obligation. The sole purpose of the free Chinese lesson is to show you how we can work together and how easy it is to learn Chinese online with me.

Chinese Lessons for Adults

Mandarin Chinese for Adults

Daily Chinese, Business Chinese, Travel Chinese. Introduction to Chinese Characters and Chinese Culture.

Medical Chinese Lessons

Practical Medical Course includes Elementary Chinese, Preclinical Chinese, Clinical Chinese.

Chinese Test Prep Course

HSK, HSKK, Youth Chinese Test (YCT) speaking and writing, IB Course, SAT, AP Chinese lessons. If you are preparing for a test or examination not listed here, please contact me.

Chinese Character Course

History of characters, evolution of writing materials, basic ways of creating Chinese characters, character strokes, Chinese stroke order rules, structures of Chinese characters, and character radicals/components.

Chinese Culture Course

Chinese Festivals, Tang and Song Poetry, Idiom stories, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese knots, Opera, architecture, oracle bone inscriptions, Tea, Chinese Medicine, The Four Great Inventions, The 12 Zodiac animals, Folk Costumes, 24 Solar Terms.

Chinese Lessons for Kids

Regular Chinese, Tailor-made Chinese.

We learn Chinese through stories, cartoons and slides.

Interested? Please use this contact form (link forthcoming) to let me know your needs. I look forward to working with you!


Laoshi is a graduate of Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities, majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, and a graduate of Beijing Language and Culture University, with a major in English. She has taught in-person and online language courses for children, teenagers and adults around the globe, both individually and in group classes for 13 years. She designs curricula for teachers of Mandarin Chinese and offers teacher training workshops. Her specialties include spoken Chinese, business Chinese, medical Chinese, test preparation, Chinese characters, and Chinese culture.