Maia Szalavitz: Articles and Interviews

Maiz Szalavitz is the author of the New York Times bestseller Unbroken Brain: A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding Addiction.

Below are articles by, and interviews with, Maia Szalavitz, on or since 4/5/16, the publication date of Unbroken Brain.

Most recent listed first; last updated 3/14/17.

An opioid action plan with one troubling flaw: doubling down on dealer arrests, Daily News, 3/14/17

Autism’s Hidden Habit, Spectrum, 3/1/17; republished in The Atlantic, 3/2/17

The Feds Are About to Stick It to Pain Patients in a Big Way, Vice, 2/28/17

Why Every Generation Freaks Out About a New Drug, Vice, 2/13/17

The War on Drugs Reevaluated: Donald Trump’s Promise of More Jobs Could Mean Less Drug Abuse, part 4 of 5, The American Spectator, 1/16/17

Why Heroin Users Aren’t As Afraid of Deadly Fentanyl As They Should Be, Vice, 1/16/17

The War on Drugs Reexamined: How Marijuana Could Help Fight the Overdose Epidemic, part 3 of 5, The American Spectator, 1/12/17

The War on Drugs Reexamined: Treating Opioid Addiction: A Radical Way, part 2 of 5, The American Spectator, 1/11/17

The War on Drugs Reexamined: President Trump Needs to Gut Regulations That Harm Effective Drug Policy, part 1 of 5, The American Spectator, 1/10/17

You Can Rely On Drugs Without Being An Addict, Vice, 12/10/16

Dopamine: The Currency of Desire, Scientific American Mind, 12/8/16

Squaring the Circle: Addiction, Disease and Learning, Neuroethics, 12/3/16

Shrooms Could Make Cancer Patients Less Afraid of Death, Vice, 12/1/16

How Much of a Disaster Will Trump’s Drug Policies Be?, Vice, 11/23/16

US Addiction Statistics Are Dire. Small Changes Won’t Solve the Problem, The Guardian, 11/18/16

How Marijuana Won the Election, Vice, 11/10/16

The Chemistry of Addiction Explains Why Disappointment Hurts So Much, New York Magazine, 11/9/16

Why We Shouldn’t Charge Drug Dealer’s for Their Clients Deaths, Vice, 11/2/16

Why the Codependency Myth of Drug Addiction Needs to Die, Vice, 10/25/16

Do Viral Videos of Heroin Overdoses Make You Uncomfortable? They Should, The Guardian, 10/7/16

Why we ignore thousands of killings in the Philippines: The victims were drug users, Washington Post, 10/6/16

The 4 Traits That Put Kids at Risk for Addiction, New York Times, 9/29/16

The DEA Is About to Make Life Even More Dangerous for Heroin Users, Vice, 9/26/16.

Addicted to Anticipation: What goes wrong in the brain chemistry of a gambling addict, Nautilus, 9/15/16

Reducing the Painkiller Supply Could Make America’s Opioid Problem Even Deadlier, Vice, 9/13/16

Maia Szalavitz, The Queue, interview, 9/9/16

Why Is the US Supporting the Brutal, Deadly Assault on Drug Users in the Philippines?, Vice, 8/18/16

How Wall Street Dehumanized Teenage Inmates with Scientology-Infused Therapy, Vice, 8/5/16

What’s a Town to Do About Addiction?, 8/3/16

Episode 59: Unbroken Brain, Right Turn Radio, podcast, 8/1/16

A Truly Awful New York Times Article Shows How Addicted People Are Still Seen as Unworthy of Life, The Influence, 7/28/16

The Rules Around Opioid Maintenance Would Be Seen as Unconscionable in Any Other Branch of Medicine, The Influence, 7/27/16

Meeting Maia Szalavitz, interview, VolteFace, 7/25/16

What Science Says To Do If Your Loved One Has An Opioid Addiction, FiveThirtyEight, 7/19/16

‘Unbroken Brain’ Explains Why ‘Tough’ Treatment Doesn’t Help Drug Addicts, NPR, 7/7/16

Why we should decriminalize all drugs, The Guardian, 7/5/16

The Difference Between Being Happy and Being High, Vice, 6/30/16

Can You Get Over an Addiction?, New York Times, 6/26/16

Episode 62 – Maia Szalavitz, podcast, The Human Experience, 6/20/16

A New Definition of Addiction Makes Rehab and Recovery More Effective, Big Think, 6/16/16

Do We Need “Trigger Warnings” for Depictions of Drug Use?, The Influence, 6/1/16

Addictions are harder to kick when you’re poor. Here’s why, The Guardian, 6/1/16

Unbroken Brain: interview with journalist and author Maia Szalavitz, podcast, KBOO, 6/1/16

The Tragic, Pseudoscientific Practice of Forcing Addicts to ‘Hit Rock Bottom’, commentary by Jesse Singal, New York Magazine, 5/31/16

Is Addiction a Learning Disorder?, Open Society, 5/27/16

Century of Lies, podcast interview, 5/22/16

A New Understanding of Addiction, KERA, podcast interview, 5/17/16

Unlearning Addiction, VolteFace, 5/16/16

The Dirty Secret Behind America’s Addiction to Painkillers, Vice, 5/16/16

Opioid Overdose: Emergency Treatment Is Crucial, but It’s Not Enough, Scientific American, 5/13/16

Opioid Addiction Is a Huge Problem, but Pain Prescriptions Are Not the Cause, Scientific American, 5/10/16

The public scorns the addiction treatment Prince was going to try. They shouldn’t. Washington Post, 5/9/16

In the video below published 5/9/16, the introduction of the speaker begins at 4:10.


Are America’s Anti-Drug Laws Scientific? Or Are They Colonialist and Racist?, interview, Big Think, 5/7/16


Focus on Preventing Addiction Instead of Prescribing Medication, New York Times, 5/5/16

Attract Patients to Addiction Treatment, Don’t Force Them Into It, New York Times, 5/4/16

Rethinking Drug Prohibition on a Global Scale, Vice, 5/2/16

Does Addictions Treatment Require a Higher Power?, NPR, 5/1/16

Unbroken Brain: My “It’s Complicated” Relationship With Alcoholics Anonymous, The Influence, 4/26/16

Street opioids are getting deadlier. Overseeing drug use can reduce deaths, The Guardian, 4/26/16

The answer to treating drug and alcohol addiction may be far simpler than you think, interview, Business Insider, 4/26/16

Maybe Addiction Is More Like a Learning Disorder Than a Disease, interview, Gizmodo, 4/18/16

Heroin: A New Look at Addiction and Its Treatment, podcast interview, The Halli Casser Jayne Show, 4/16

Why Addiction Is a Learning Disorder, interview, The Daily Beast, 4/8/16

Addiction as a Learning Disorder, podcast interview, The Brian Lehrer Show, 4/7/16

Addiction is a learning disorder: Why the war on drugs is useless, AA undermines treatment, and addiction studies can learn a lot from autism, interview, Salon, 4/7/16

How Parents Talk to Their Kids About Drugs in 2016, Vice, 4/6/16

The Myth of the Addictive Personality, Gawker, 4/5/16

Drug addiction should be treated like a learning disorder – not a crime, The Guardian, 4/5/16

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Selection of publications prior to the release of her book:

If Addiction Is a Disease, Why Is it Criminal?, Democracy Now, 3/31/16, video interview. Note: The interview in the video above refers to part one which is here.

Curbing pain prescriptions won’t reduce overdoses. More drug treatment will, Guardian, 3/29/16

We’ve Got the Heroin Epidemic All Wrong, The Dallas Morning News, 3/21/16

The Rehab Industry Needs to Clean Up Its Act. Here’s How, The Influence, 2/4/16

What You Really Don’t Know About Recovery, The Fix, 6/4/12

Treating Addiction: A Top Doc Explains Why Kind Love Beats Tough Love, Time, 4/16/12

So, What Made Me an Addict? The Washington Post, 8/23/07

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Maia Szalavitz shares commentary, latest addictions research, and links to her most recent publications on Twitter: @maiasz.

Here’s her site and here’s her bio on Wikipedia.