Preparing to Podcast

We’re looking forward to recording you for your podcast!

Before your audio recording session, we suggest you:

  • Call your own phone number and leave yourself a voice mail, speaking on any subject. When you play it back to yourself, note any “ums” and “uhs.” These might be speaking tics you can be mindful of when the recording session begins.
  • Decide whether or not to speak extemporaneously or use a script. If you choose to write or read from a script, consider practicing it a few times before your recording session.
  • If you prefer to speak extemporaneously rather than read from a script, make a list of the 3 points you want to be sure to cover when you speak for your recording.
  • We’ll bring bottled water for you. If you prefer another voice-clarifying beverage, feel free to bring that.
  • While voicing fewer “ums” and other fillers would be preferable, don’t panic and do keep going if you use some. If you notice you’ve misspoken, pause quietly, then start again just before the error, then keep going. We edit out most pauses and fillers before publishing.
  • Make recording podcast episodes a part of your routine, Make an appointment with yourself each week on a set day of day and time to record episodes for your podcast.

Have other questions about our podcast services? Please contact us!