Preface to Phoenix Rising by Anne Giles

What’s a nice girl to do when she discovers she can’t stop drinking? Instructor, counselor, businesswoman, and Handshake Media founder Anne Giles found herself asking just this question. In Phoenix Rising: A Journey of Self-Discovery Through Addiction Recovery, Anne paints vividly the rebirth of her identity as she sorts through the ashes of her past to understand the origins of her addiction, and as she seeks to understand addiction as a larger problem.

In beginning the preface aloud in this episode, Anne is creating an audiobook of Phoenix Rising in much the same way as she created the written book. She first explored her story in a series of blog posts; now she presents her story, Phoenix Rising, in a series of podcasts.

“We don’t know how this story goes,” she writes. Stay tuned for the next episode.

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. . . . .

Podcast of Phoenix Rising: A Journey of Self-Discovery Through Addiction Recovery produced by Laurel Sindewald of Handshake Media.

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