How Does Handshake Media Price Podcast Channels?


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Handshake Media considers a number of variables when we draft an invoice for a new podcast channel. Creating a channel can take a great deal of time depending on how you want your channel to look and what features you want. The start-up fee for creating your channel includes:

  • creating your channel on Libsyn where it is stored or “hosted,”
  • customizing your channel’s appearance with images, logos, and text,
  • customizing where your channel’s RSS feed is sent, such as your website or blog, and
  • setting up an iTunes account and/or syncing your Libsyn account with your iTunes account if you wish to sell your podcast episodes.

We use Libsyn for podcast channel hosting, and storage costs vary depending on:

  • how often you wish to post,
  • how long you want your episodes to be, and
  • whether you want your episodes to be available for download in .mp3 or .wav format (.wav files are much larger than .mp3).

We may need to charge more for episode production and editing if you would like to add music or other elements to your podcast episodes because it will take more time to create each episode.

We drafted an example invoice for how these variables play out in pricing a podcast channel with weekly episodes of up to ten minutes long: Anne Giles Podcast Channel Invoice.

To see prices of all of our available services, visit our Pricing Page! If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact us.

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