Podcast FAQ

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  • What is a podcast?
    “Podcast” – a blend of “iPod” + “broadcast” – is used casually to describe a podcast channel or a podcast episode, depending on the context. A podcast channel is essentially an online radio show, or an audio blog. A podcast channel has a unique RSS feed, allowing listeners to subscribe directly to the channel. The RSS feed also allows podcasters (the host or creator of the channel) to automatically publish new episodes to a separate blog, or to publish new episodes to iTunes for listeners to purchase.
    A podcast episode is a single audio recording hosted on a podcast channel. Episodes can be downloaded directly from where they are hosted, and can be shared on social media or embedded in a web page.
  • Why should I create a podcast?
    Podcasts are uniquely valuable ways for marketing content. Often, target audiences or markets are diverse. Audio marketing allows you to better reach people in your audience who learn best by listening or who prefer to listen to media rather than watch or read it, as well as reach people in your audience who are blind. Podcasts are a medium that can be downloaded and carried anywhere on a phone or mp3 player, allowing you to reach your audience while they are driving, exercising, or doing chores. Professionally edited audio is many times less expensive than professionally edited video.
  • What should I say in a podcast?
    The best and most popular podcasts enrich the lives of their listeners with entertaining, informing, engaging, inspiring, or otherwise titillating content. Think of your podcast channel as your show, and choose content based on your strengths and interests. If you are a writer, you might consider sharing short stories, poetry, or chapters of a longer story like the wildly popular podcast, Serial. Maybe you and a friend have a great dynamic when you talk, which could be presented as a weekly comedy routine, review of products, news, or shows, or maybe storytelling from your own lives. A musician could consider a podcast to share her process and excerpts of her compositions or performances to encourage people to purchase her recorded music. Read more about what makes a good podcast.
  • How long should my podcast be?
    Any length, really, depending on the topic! We have seen popular podcasts anywhere from 10 minutes long to 1 hour, and even more on occasion. Your audience is able to download the episodes and listen to them all at once or in parts, as they choose. We recommend you keep your episodes to a length that covers your topic without dragging. Try running your episode by a trusted friend before publishing, to see if they enjoyed the episode in its entirety.
  • How often should I podcast?
    Weekly podcasts appear to be among the most common and popular, but a news station, for example, might choose to create a daily podcast, documenting highlights from the day. A company may only have enough time to create one or two podcasts per month. An author might choose to share content as she creates it, with an approximate schedule of one episode every other month. We recommend weekly or bimonthly podcasts, so that you are consistent and reasonably frequent with new content without overwhelming your listeners. if you are unsure, try surveying your listeners to see how long they would like to hear new content.

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