Podcast Services

Reach your audience and target market by telling your story in your voice through podcasting.

Share your personal story, business wisdom and tips, news, family stories, entertaining anecdotes, political opinions, your songs and music, whatever sound you can or want to make in your own podcast channel. It’s your show. Listeners can hear you on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Handshake Media’s podcast production services include:

Laurel recording your podcast!

  • In-person audio recording to help you envision your audience
  • Professional audio editing to remove those occasional “ums”
  • Original file in .wav and .mp3 formats for your use

Let us hear what you’ve got!

We estimate we can have your podcast episodes live within 48 hours of recording.

We’re offering podcast channel set-up, and podcast episode recording, editing and mastering services through the end of the year.

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